Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lenticular beginning

I saw this last month. I thought it might be a lenticular cloud in the process of developing but this was as lens-like as it got. Still, it's an usual cloud.

We have a neighbor boy. He's about five years old and he sees shapes in the clouds. He's so cute. He'll look up and say, "There a kitten and its mama." And my son will look up and sure enough. He can see a kitten and its mama.

I have four passages from the Bible memorized. My husband is impressed. I'm starting a new one tomorrow, Hebrews 4:12!

I still feel well. I am so happy! My husband gave me the okay, and I'm gonna send my doctor and his assistant, Sarah, some flowers. She was so responsive and caring and she answered my questions and called in my prescriptions from several states away. She is one sharp girl.

Our son has one book review to write and he's done with sixth grade composition! And at swim lesson today his teacher invited him to join the swim team next year.

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