Friday, July 10, 2009

Gasp! GeoCities?

I got an email last night. GeoCities is closing down all their free sites and deleting the files on October 26th. Horror of horrors! What a bummer. It was 1997 when I set up my first page there. It was a family page. It was hardly legible because I used a purple galaxy background and purple text. I loved that page! I thought it was beautiful and when someone told me it was hard to read I was quite offended. I didn't change it for six months at which time, I did concede it might be a little hard on the eyes. It was purple though! You can't have too much purple. It's impossible. I had so much fun and connected with such nice moms online who helped me tremendously with preschool education and forming my educational philosophy. That very first page is long gone and how I wish I had saved the files. It would be a hoot to see my first page now.

When our son was seven months old I looked into his eyes and knew I would homeschool him. Before that, I regarded homeschooling as being for wackos. I was fortunate that we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and there was an excellent homeschool group that welcomed the littles in the area. The mothers were so nice and helpful and didn't make feel silly for wanting to get involved so soon even though our son wasn't even school age yet.

I'm going to have to download and save all my files from my one, last, free site that still exists I quit working on it seven years ago because when kindergarten started I no longer had time to work on it. Gee, I worked so hard to get a few links to it. Now it'll be all gone; a whisper in the wind. It's the end of an era.

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