Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Something about Sarah

In biblical history it only took a handful of people, one imperfect person at a time, to change the world. Remember Esther, Saul who became Paul, Abraham who was first to hear God's voice, Moses, the 12 disciples of Jesus?

What is it about Sarah that the media jumps on her and slanders her so? Why does she frighten the liberal media so much? It is a certain something, for sure. Of 18 legal cases against her, all ethics complaints I think, 17 were dismissed and on one she paid $10,000 back for taking her children traveling with her.

It's been said that when God opens the gates of heaven, Satan will open the gates of hell. That's what I think is going on. Forty-three presidents have called the USA a Christian nation. Now the 44th president says this is no longer a Christian nation. The enemy, Satan and his demons, control the media. I can hardly find any truth being reported. Couple days ago read an interview with Colin Powell who noted the obvious saying Obama is spending too much money and his ideas for more government and more taxes are a concern. Yeah buddy, it's a concern. That's an understatement. None of the major media outlets picked it up.

A headline says Michael Jackson is America's Princess Diana. Michael Jackson was a pedophile. He was absolutely gifted with talent, but he mismanaged his money and owed millions. He didn't have God in his life. That's why he went so wrong. Even with all that talent, money, and adoration, without walking in the light of God, look how he ended up. Can't they put entertainment news on the entertainment page instead of making it headline news?

On Saturday our friend, Ben, said he thinks now that he made a mistake voting for Obama. I told him softly, yeah, I think so too. We got quiet for a minute. He kicked a pebble with his toe.

Everyone's watching Sarah Palin. She's had the nerve to say the over spending and governmental growth of Obama's administration is immoral. When people hear the truth even when they don't want to listen, they hear it. That's the thing about Sarah. She says it plain and the media hates her for it.

Some guy in Iowa got his own Sarah Palin 2012 sign made up and he put it on his car. I got a boot out of that, so found one to stick on my blog. I still love Sarah! I guess I'm part of the base. Solidly. The other day I read an article about her and her running and I went out and did a jog walk. It felt great! Man, I love Sarah.

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