Thursday, July 09, 2009

A man here and gone

A lawyer from Colorado visited last month. He lay down on a sheet of plastic. Put on a beanie. Covered his head with a towel. And shot himself dead in the head. It is so sad. It was the neatest and easiest clean up. He must have been a very thoughtful person when alive.

National and state parks seem to be a draw for people who decide to commit suicide. Is it the solitude. The peace? From dust we come and to dust we shall return? I was at another park once. I think it was Joshua Tree National Park which used to be Joshua Tree National Monument when I lived near it in the '70s. I recall a ranger saying they always immediately investigate cars parked near the roadside when they can't see a driver anywhere. Something about parks attracts people bent on ending it.

A bicyclist was riding by and heard a single gunshot. He stopped and told the guy it's not safe to fire a weapon in this area. The guy said he was just testing the gun. Bicyclist went into the bathroom. Heard another gunshot. Went outside and the man was dead. He killed himself.

They said he had a really beautiful truck too.

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