Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Pyrrhuloxia, male
Easy to remember name: Gray Cardinal
Species: Cardinalis sinuatus
Location: Elephant Butte Lake, NM, USA

We have five of them! There's a mama, a daddy, and three babies. I think this is the daddy bird because he has the most color.

I raked our rocks and pebbles into a design. It doesn't show much. Maybe in the morning light it'll show. I told my husband to tell me in the morning if he sees it.

Took our son to the doctor. He couldn't hear out of one ear and turns out it was wax build-up. The doctor got quite a bit out. He cleans his ears well and I couldn't see the wax myself, but it was stuck in there all right. He was on the brink of crying because you know how it hurts to have your ears poked.

There are four bunnies outside my window now. I see two quail making their way over here. They see the seed I put out a little while ago. In a few days bet I'll have lots of quail to watch.

I had a pretty good day. Today I feel like I'm getting better finally, again. Warning: reference to a bodily function follows. I had a normal bm today. Woohoo! Party on! One does not appreciate the fine mechanical aspects of the human body until it does not work right. Then, you appreciate it. I am so proud that I noted it on our wall calendar. Haha! How's that for no more shyness about bodily functions. I had some discomfort, like how it feels when you have a low tummy ache from the flu, so I took it easy because I must still be wimpy. I would like to exercise, but am afraid it will exacerbate things, so I will wait. I hope and I pray tomorrow will be a good day too. Two good days in a row. If I have a third it will be a new record.

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