Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunrays to blog

Monsoon season in New Mexico

On Sunday night I put my hair in six braids like Jen did. Only thing is, I never got around to taking them out today. And boy do I look a fright now. I will take them out in the morning and if I look like anything good I'll have my son take a photo. Son has a swim lesson at noon so I have somewhere to wear them - the city pool!

We had a remarkable sunset yesterday. There was a big hole in the clouds and as I was raking rocks I took a few pics. Lately I've been going everywhere with a camera on my shoulder because so many things have been coming to my eyes. I think it's because I feel good and not bad. I have one and a half days left of medicine. Then! I plan to stay well. Psalm 103:1-4.

I'm making a daisy chain. It was going to be an eyeglass necklace but it's going to be too short. I might make it a bracelet then make a matching necklace. It's bronze and light champagne colored beads, but they sure look nice together. I'm surprised the brown hue looks so pretty.

Homeschooling went well. He will finish grade six Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics (GUM) on Friday. It's his favorite subject. I might, that is, might ask them to plug us directly into 7th grade GUM. Or, he might just take the time to focus on other topics. I'm letting him decide.

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