Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'm having a battle with the stupid herpes virus on my lip. I get one once in awhile but this one is a little unusual. It's on my bottom lip though in my previous 48 years it's only appeared on my top lip. And the first one was not small but oddly, it didn't hurt or cause me any discomfort. It got a scab, the scab fell off (yeah, I picked at it because I couldn't leave it alone) and I thought I was done. Lovely reading for a Tuesday morn, isn't it.

Then strangely, a very little bump came up right beside it a couple days ago. This one hurt. Now this morning there's a third small one next to the second. This one stings. So my lower lip looks kinda red and pouty. That's just great. I look forward to when they pop and I can have scabs on my face. They probably won't pop at the same time, then I can endure the scab phase for twice as long. I protest.


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