Monday, April 14, 2008

No nausea

Can you believe it? She had not one iota of nausea. She is doing amazingly well. She's going back to work tomorrow. Can you believe it? What a doctor!

I'm terribly sorry I can't write more right now. We've had a pair of bluebirds come to our yard every day this week. I'm learning an actual choreography from my belly dance teacher! My hair is doing well and now my sister wants to grow hers too maybe. (She is SUCH a total copycater of me. Tomorrow I shall put her in a headlock and make her call me Liliana the Great.) We're canceling Yellowstone and the Tetons after all because we'd have to dip into our nest egg for fuel monies. I got my new every day boots and they fit so I don't have to return them. The Lord is stirring up my heart and opening my eyes and revealing that which I did not see before, and I'm disappointed that I may have to repel a worldly thing that I enjoy.

I guess that's about it. And the weather...the weather in San Diego was hot today - 104 degrees was the high. It's supposed to cool down now. Thought I'd mention the weather because SchnauzerMom does and it's kind of neat to hear about other people's weather. (What!? I must be getting old. roflol!)

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