Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sat. night

It was cloudy today. It's supposed to be the same tomorrow. I'd rather have sun.

Tonight I watched "Muriel's Wedding" on DVD. I sure like that movie.

My husband got a little mad tonight because I went to pick up the Mexican dinner he ordered for us. Well, that's not the reason he got mad but I wish that he'd gone to pick it up instead of me. I got there and they said they were out of ingredients to make his dish. I can't substitute anything for him because anytime I try to get something to take the place of what he asked for he says, "Why did you get that?" So if I'da ordered, for instance, chorizo and egg, or machaca, he wouldn't have liked it. As sure as I'm sitting here, anything I could have ordered he wouldn't have liked. And when I get back I heard him say kind of quiet over there in the kitchen, "I could have gotten something else." Shoot. No, I couldn't have. So he was fit to be tied. I didn't get the dinner for me either because if they didn't have one for him, then I didn't want mine. Actually I did, but I didn't have the heart. How could I enjoy a delicious din-din by myself.

So I sat on the sofa and, I guess you can say I stared. Out the window. And it was all quiet in here. Then I said, "I can't bear for you to be mad at me." And he said he wasn't mad at me, he was just mad. He's very particular about meal times.

He made a leftovers dinner for us and we ate together. And we made up. I should say, he made up. He said he couldn't have me crying at the dinner table and we laughed. It turned out to be a good night.

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