Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New shoes soon

I called in to cancel my dance class last night. My legs ached. Tonight I'll do a make-up. They're having a class called Lyrical Stretch which is more my speed today.

Didn't get the birfday dinner cooked. My husband told me I could make it today instead. He's so sweet to me. So I'm making him potato salad and fried chicken and gravy and salad tonight.

Tomorrow, finally, I'm placing an order for new shoes, which we also call poozins as in "shoezin in a poozins." It's part of the English language at our house. Using Helane's input which she kindly offered me (what? two or three months ago!) I decided to go for this pair:

I did try some on at the store although not this exact style because they didn't have it but I think a size seven should fit me. They are much lighter weight than I thought they would be so I'm glad about that. My hiking boots that I wear a lot are getting a hole at the pinky toe. My husband has been telling me to get new shoes for a year but I hate getting new everyday shoes.

I've never had black boots before. I've had brown, tan, burgundy, but never black. They'll go with jeans and skirts. Which reminds me. I must post about my new denim jumper. I was a bit surprised by the buttons.

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