Sunday, April 06, 2008


I did my toe nails in plum. They look nice. I haven't done my toes since, ohhhh, last summer. My feet are nice and soft too. My pumice stone is awfully small though. It broke awhile back so I only have half now. Since then, I've been on a statewide perfect pumice stone search but none has been close to being adequate. In fact, all except the one I already use turned out to be completely useless. I've had a pink rectangular one and a blue one and one with its own handle just like the lady at the salon had when I went for my last pedicure in early 1997. She commented on how I held my tummy when we talked while she worked on my feet. I had a wonderful pregnancy. Never before, nor since, has a bologna and cheese sandwich been so heavenly as when I was pregnant.

All the pumice stones were worthless! The last one was the worst. I saw it looked like basalt which was kind of cool, kind of natural, and when I took it out of the box it was smooth oval shaped. I placed it in shower and everyone was making fun of it resembles something other than a pumice stone. It resembles, well, a turd. That's a little too natural for me. Really, it's the ugliest pumice stone ever. I finally threw it away. Those manufacturer's need a new idea.

I absolutely must find a replacement stone before my last half of a half of a pumice stone breaks again. What will I do if summer arrives and my half breaks? It'll be too little to use then. [Teeth chattering!]

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