Thursday, April 03, 2008

Is it vacation?

It feels just like vacation. My husband drove me to a dance shop and I bought a pair of the black capri length wide leg pants the dancers here are wearing. I was so happy I found a pair that fit well and isn't binding. Let's see. Will I be a doofus if I wear them and it looks like I bought clothes to look like the other dancers? Hmmm. That's so ninth grade, huh? I will probably wear them. But I'm gonna be extra cool when we get back to New Mexico because no one will have dance pants like mine. Woo hoo.

And we went to Fry's Electronics and I bought some Hallmark software for making cards. Ours got deleted somehow and our son likes to create cards. It was $29.99 and after I send in the rebate it'll be $19.99. Such a deal. The Fry's in the Bay Area (San Franciso area) is nicer though.

And I went to the bead store and died and went to heaven there. Soooo much cute stuff. They have a new employee who wasn't there last year. She started in October. Her name is Sue and she works three days a week for money for her daughter to go to college. She likes it because she gets to bead and get paid for it. She's made a ton of stuff and it's all over the store as samples. She is something else. And she's teaching classes and I want to go. I wrote my sis tonight and asked her to take a class with me.

I made two pairs of earrings tonight. Super simple dangles of fine chain and one pair goes down almost to my collarbone. One pair is made with light blue, plastic tulip beads a store gave me for free. One pair is made of garnet chips that I bought in Washington state two years ago! I will see if I get any compliments. That's the test you know. If I get even one compliment I'll keep them. If I get none I'll take them apart and do something else. I still haven't finished sewing my blouse. I've been busy! At least, it seems like I've been busy. I'm not really though. Just feels like it.

We had a delicious Mexican meal tonight. We like the Mexican food here in San Diego. It's what we're used to - home cooking so to speak. In New Mexico the Mexican food is quite a bit different and consequently to us it's not as good. It makes us pine for California. My husband said, "Shall we have hot dogs tonight or Mexican from the take-out place?" Aw shucks. I can't say I want hot dogs. I eat hot dogs, but if I have choice I'm saying Mexican food.

I've been eating peach pie with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream here. Ooosh. It's so good. I used to wonder why those northerners would ask questions like what they should eat in winter (to stay healthy and fit) because the vegetable selection there is not always good in winter. Growing up in southern California I took for granted the fresh veggies and veritable buffet of foods all year round here. We're enjoying it. In the tiny town we stay at during the winter the main market is small and limited.

I hear raindrops. It was sunny and clear all day and we were laughing about the forecast for rain. It's here!

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