Sunday, April 27, 2008

Almost Monday

My men are counting the days till we go back to New Mexico. Literally. Every morning they tell me how many days we have left here. I daresay, they hate it here. It's too long of a visit for them, two months in San Diego. I've been super happy here but I have to admit I breathed in a breath of hot air today (it was 100°) and strangely, I missed New Mexico for a minute.

I bought dark purple gauze to make a skirt. I did finish my blouse. Remember that one? It's cute, but I had to alter it a bit and the fabric I picked, guess what. It's too fancy. It doesn't go with jeans very well! I know that's weird, but it's true. My husband said, "Don't you dare throw that out." Great. So it's in my cubby taking up space. I know I should take some photos of things, but I'm so single minded. I have a definitive lack of interest in photography lately. I have earrings I need to photograph too. Maybe when we leave San Diego I'll do it. It feels like a vacation here to me. On the week-ends I'm so busy and that's unusual. During the week we do school and that takes most of the day. He finished grammar, use, and mechanics two weeks ago and spelling last week. Hooray!

Today I went to The Body Shop and picked up my monoi oil that'll last me awhile. I got some other goodies too because they were having a neato sale where you get a pretty bag filled with goodies worth much more than $5.00, but you only pay $5.00. I got a mascara, a fancy aloe cream, eau de toilette, body butter, and she threw in a sample of body scrub stuff too. I wonder if I'll like it. Usually I don't like those kinds of things but the body butter does smell nice. Maybe after I put it on it'll stink. That happens sometimes.

Went to a new church this morning. It was okay. We miss our home pastor.

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