Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Big Day

Welp! Tomorrow my sis is gettin' new girls. New big girls. Since she had her two babies she lost them and now she wants them back. She's getting a br**st a*gm*nt*tion. And I! I am taking care of her.

1) Prepare homemade chicken soup (it's the best for healing).
2) Make red jello with bananas.
3) Lending her my iPod with my excellent songs on it.
4) I shall ply her with fresh pineapple (thanks for the tip!).
5) Take my Seinfeld show collection to make her laugh.
6) Take beads and a book and pajamas for me.

That's the plan. I promised her I'd have her bouncing into the physician's office for her two day check-up. I have to live up to it now! She's quite anxious. I've emailed her, I've talked to her, I've been her confidante and sounding board for the past few months.

She's going to be deliriously happy! (But not on the first day.)

I'm hoping she won't get the nausea. She's prone to motion sickness so I'm concerned about that.

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