Tuesday, October 02, 2007

This and that

October got here in a hurry. I didn't even realize it. I've gotta go take a shower for ladies' prayer group tonight. Sunday was awful. We moved to our winter site, only two loops away, but it didn't go well and the weather was hot so we had to do our move in the sun. My face was really, really red and then I felt punky the following day. I don't think I sweat like I'm supposed to anymore or something. For reals, my face was bright red, but dry as a bone. Thought I might barf and this guy was talking at me and I couldn't keep up any conversation. I opted to be politely attentive, but my eyeballs might have rolled up to the back of my head. Sometimes seniors just don't notice if you don't feel well.

I wonder what the ladies are doing for their book study.

School went well today. Dance went well last night. I feel guilty my husband is driving me, but my body and my mind like to dance. It makes me a better wife. I'll have to think about it. My husband set up a strap for me on the picnic table so I can do back-ups. I thought of it and asked him to and he had a perfect strap. You know, you lay on the table with your waist hanging off the edge and then go up and down like sit-ups but it's back-ups? It's good for your back. It used to be one of my favorite stops on a weight training circuit when I did weights in 1967 (aw, 1982). I figured why not do it on the picnic table.

It was good to see Avrilon. She's going to have llamas someday. Or was it yaks? No, it was llamas, I think.