Monday, October 15, 2007

A day

It was a full day today. After school I raced to get ready for class and we left at 3:50pm. Shoulda left at 3:30pm. But I got there a little after five so that's good time. Dance went real well. This teacher is certified in Egyptian dance and she's going to Cairo for a month long workshop of classes with famous dancers in Egypt. Not bad, not bad! I'm finally getting into some kind of shape and I felt better, not so crickety.

After class we went to Denny's for din-din and I felt like a million bucks. I don't know what it was, but as I walked through the restaurant in my jeans over my leotard, I felt like I had really long legs. Yeah, I felt like I was 5'10" or something. When my husband sees a pretty girl who's tall he says in his low voice, "There's a tall drink of water." Hmmm, I could never be called a smooth talker, but I can be a smooth walker. 'Fraid I'm only 5'2" though, so it might have been all my own imaginings. But I would like to be tall someday. I'll put it on my Christmas list.

I've had two good hair days. Wore it up in a pony yesterday and it was all straight and purty like a waterfall. And tonight I wore it up in a pretty bun, one of the kind I probably won't be able to duplicate. Oiled my ends because I'll probably worsh it maƱana.

Saw Ivan the other day when our son got a haircut and I told him to pencil me in for March (for a trim). He gave me some good info on how to do a better haircut on my husband. People always think my husband is an ex-Marine because I give him a Marine haircut. I like Marines and their hair but actually it's just the only style I know how to do. Anywho, my husband said Ivan likes me. I said, "Whuh? How do you know?" And he said Ivan sure smiles a lot when I'm there. Heh. That Ivan. I do like him but I can't see that he gives me a thought. He was real sad because his horse ate locoweed and got sick. I guess if a horse eats that stuff, a lot of it, he'll never be the same. The horse recovered but forgot everything Ivan taught him. Ivan has a ranch you know. So he had to sell his horse. Ivan owned him for eleven years and took the loss pretty hard. He's an honest man, which makes me like him, so he told the people what had happened and they still wanted to buy him. He got $700.00 for the horse, but it was worth $3,000 before the locoweed.

I finished my second pair of peacock earrings. I like them so much. If I lie in bed and I can't go to sleep, I just think of my peacock earrings till I drop off. Well, simple minds they say. I ordered stuff to make a new design - serpent earrings. I will see how it is ordering beads online. I'm curious to see if the colors I picked really do go together and whether they resemble what I saw online. It's tough because the colors you see all depend on your monitor's settings. And it's all about color when you're beading.

Speaking of which, we're supposed to get our new monitor tomorrow. I have to still transfer millions of photos, plus my various and sundry programs from this laptop to CD. The desktop will be mine and my husband will get this one. I'm not too very much looking forward to getting set up on the new machine. I hope I can find my Photoshop CD. Uh-oh. Gettin' a crick in my neck thinking about transferring everything...