Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A day

All day long I felt blah, but we had a potluck to go to so I had to clean up and get ready to go. Turned out we had a good time. Actually, we always have a good time at our ranger's house. He and his wife are very social and sociable and we've grown very fond of them. My husband made deviled eggs and Mexican dip with chips. People always eat up all the deviled eggs! I met people that I liked. Who, me, like people? I did. It's true.

I'm taking my ranger's wife to a beginning belly dance class next week. I hope it's a good teacher, a good class, and that she'll enjoy it.

Shoot. The showers are far from luxurious here and so all the olive oil didn't come out of my ends. Boo. Now I have stringy ends and clean hair. That's no good. No good a'tall. Guess I'll just figure it's well moisturized and bear it. The 39 m.p.h. winds dried it very fast though.

There's a reason why I don't feel so good. I have a big cold sore. Herpes is what it is. Boo. The down side is half my face sorta hurts because of it and it makes me feel grumpy all day long. The up side is it's inside my nose so no one can see it. Well, it better than a big, ugly, scab on my lip. That's the silver lining on my storm cloud of the day.