Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Flannel Sheets

We put flannel sheets on the beds today!

My family in San Diego has been fine through the fire. The highest winds are diminishing now or by tomorrow. There are still winds fanning the fires though. The magnitude of the fire is almost unimaginable. It's been nervewracking watching the online news all day and keeping an eye on my email. I'm not complaining though. This is one of those times when the news media is at its best.

Got my bead shipment and I'm really pleased with them. I ordered from Artbeads.com because they offer free shipping and no minimum purchase. The beads totally look in real life like they do on my computer. "Shazaam!" as Uncle Jim says. This means I can order seed beads from them with confidence. One thing wrong though. I bought 36 4mm fire opal bicone Swarovskis and one is garnet. Bummer. I will write Artbeads and see what they say. I don't think I'll do the parrots yet because I really don't like the translucent pink beads. They're pretty, but not right for the design. I did two rows on the serpent earrings tonight. My base row gave me fits, but I got past it.

Friday night I'm to do a freestyle solo dance in belly dance. I'm nervous. I'm putting together some choreography comprised of steps and moves I like and do well, but I'm not sure which song to use. I have to make a pick by tomorrow. Yeah, I know it's "free" style but I'm afraid I'll go frenetic, so I'm putting together some tried and true steps so I won't flake out or do a Marie Osmond in front of everybody.