Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back to work

My sis is back to work today. The schools are out until Monday though, so the boyzzz are home.

Son found his hat. It was in the back of the Polaris from when he and my husband were doing park maintenance. This hat is irreplaceable. It's the Jughead hat. I was fit to be tied because they both thought it was lost at the school. I phoned the school and they said it was not found. Husband wanted me to talk to the teacher again and ask her to check with all the parents to see if the hat had been taken home...inadvertently. I didn't want to do that - the teacher is strung so tight. She's got her panties in a wad every time I've spoken to her (three times), so I asked my husband to speak to her. He said okay, but doesn't have to now. Whenever I talked with her and the pastor was with us she was so upbeat, but when I speak to her by myself she is not helpful. She's a good teacher I think and our son likes her a lot. He did tell me that she answered her cell phone during class time and was gone so long on the phone that the science experiment failed. (We are against cell phones in public places.) Son has asked for a cell phone scrambler for Christmas so people's phones won't ring during church or in restaurants. lol! I hate cell phones. People are attached to them as if they're intravenous nourishment. At reading time our son answered a question about the book they're doing for read aloud and the teacher was shocked that he knew the book and could participate in discussion. It's a classic for goodness sakes.