Monday, October 22, 2007

Welp, we've got a fever here

His temperature is 103.5. He slept for two hours this afternoon and is lying on the sofa drifting off again. I'm going to make him some chicken soup when my husband gets back with the ingredients.

My bead shipment didn't come in. I called and they'll send a new shipment if it doesn't get here by the 26th. I don't think it's lost though. I think it's just slow.

Last Thursday I went into the nursery at the private school to help with the babies since our son was in a class. I sat in the sanctuary area and I heard a baby crying for so long I could not bear it any longer. I held the one that was crying. She was teething they said and had a sensitive tummy. She was happy being held, but I could only stay 15 minutes and I was sorry to leave her. She cried as soon as I set her down. Then they all started crying again! I did ask one young woman to pick up a baby in a baby seat. Each time the baby nodded off she'd wake up because her lungs would get squashed when she tipped over. The childcare worker was cleaning a cupboard. Really, the cupboard can wait. The girl explained she needed to clean it and I just nodded. I went in the next day, but all babies appeared content and the young women didn't need an extra set of hands.

It felt odd to me giving gentle direction to the childcare workers, and moreso that they followed through without question. It's not my job to be in the nursery. They didn't even know me. It must be my age and a confidence that I didn't own when I was younger. I think it's the grey hair. I'm not bossy. Never have been, never will be. But I could see what needed to be done. When did I become so soft hearted for babies? It seems changes in my life occur so gradually that I cannot see it. It just suddenly 'is.'

And last week I sat in the sanctuary and prayed while our son was in his class. He goes to science lab on Thursdays and art class on Fridays. In the quiet I could hear the little kids next door in the childcare room. These were not infants but older, I don't know what age because I couldn't see them. One was saying "I want my mommy, I want my mommy, I want my mommy." He was upset for quite a while and the childcare person was not too happy with his behavior whatever he had been doing. I felt bad and sad. I'm grateful to be an at-home mom. I hope my future grandchildren will have at-home mothers.