Friday, October 12, 2007

Quail, and other birds

I put seed and water out every evening and sometimes in the morning too. Today there was an unusual bird. He was black with an orange chest and a white line on his wings. He was something. And I also saw a bird of prey, a hawk, I think. He was brown and white and of a good size. The quail wouldn't come and eat this evening, so I think the hawk was lurking nearby. I saw him fly down behind a bush across the street.

Ballet went well. It's not terribly challenging, but I worked up a sweat. One of the ladies has so much trouble with the choreography, but she's a trooper. I admire her for that. We have 1/3 of a dance done. No class next week though. Bummerinksi. I wrote down the steps so I don't forget it. Teacher was helping the other students and giving them encouragement and she said, "Liliana is learning more here than anywhere she's ever been." And she winked at me. Ha! That was sweet.

Hmmm. I am content.

Someone I know left today. She up and quit her job - a good job. I don't know her personally, but I think her personal life has caused her to quit her job. I am sorry for that. The law of seed and harvest applies everywhere in our lives. I think she chose men badly. I think a small town makes it worse. I like a small town and I am tired of the city, but each has its drawbacks. Each can drive a person mad.