Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Day in and a day out

I had a pretty unremarkable day today. There's really not even anything to blog. I thought, I have to come up with something. Since when do I have nothing to blog?

I didn't go to Ladies Bible Study tonight. I will ask when the videos will be over and maybe they'll be doing a good, normal book and I'll go back. I don't know really.

The other day I threw away my yellow dress that I made. I've had it for three years and I always put it on after I go to the campground shower because that way my good clothes don't touch the wet cement and I don't have to fight with putting on a bunch of garments. Easy on, easy off, you know. Plus it's easier when you're damp and you don't have a bathroom suite or even your own bathroom to dawdle. I say bathroom like bAAHthroom as if I'm British. Sounds quite fancier that way.

And it was a good, worthy dress I'll say. When we first arrived to New Mexico I was so content in my yellow dress that I didn't take it off for four days. I could wake up in the morning and look just chipper and sharp pressed as anything in that dress. It never looked like I slept in it. But one morning I popped up out of bed, all happy and pre-dressed (hair a little messy, but...) and my husband said, "Will you please change out of that dress today. I'm getting embarrassed. You've worn it since we got here." Well, blow me down. Luckily, it didn't hurt my feelings at all. Here's a picture of the dress in July 2005.

So I thought it had had its time and decided to replace it. I bought a spaghetti strap dress with elasticized bodice and a pinkish palm tree pattern. But I found it doesn't fit quite right. The straps are too long. I can fix that, but the dress hangs kind of potato sackie in a bad way. It's possible I made a tactical error in throwing away my trusty yellow dress. Well, yellow green because the yellow got tinged with green from the leaves on the flowers in the print, so it was sort of a pukie yellow green, not quite a chartreuse.

Maybe I will try to make a new one.