Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A nice day

I finished the body on a peacock earring and tomorrow I'll bead the tail, then I'll have a second set done. Yay! I think I have all the beads I need to start a parrot set. I can't believe I finished the body in one night. I'm getting faster because it's my fourth one.

There was a rainstorm today replete with rainbow, lightning, thunder, and great cloudery, or should I say cloudification. It put off a beautiful golden light at dusk and we watched the color change from peach to magenta. Everyone in the loop came out of their RVs and people were walking around oohing and aahhing and taking pictures.

Son scored 88% on his history test over the First Americans. I am so proud of him. Now we're learning about the Vikings. I was taught in school that the Pilgrims were the first white people to hit America, but they weren't. There's evidence that the Vikings were here in about 900 or 1000 A.D. according to carbon dating.

Hair dilemma. My husband commented the other day that my hair smelled nice, but I had used that really harsh Clairol Shimmerlights to brighten grey. It's got some serious scent that lasts for days. It makes my ends way dried out though. Tomorrow I'm thinking I'll shampoo with Giovanni and try using the Shimmerlights creme rinse on my head just for the fragrance, then use a more moisturizing creme rinse, Giovanni, on the rest. I wonder if the Shimmerlights creme rinse will dry out my hair?

I ordered two books from Amazon on Sunday and look forward to getting them. They ought to be here by Friday. I got the The Reagan Diaries and The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating the Missional Church. DHL is delivering them. Yesterday the tracking information showed they were in Kansas City. Great, I thought. But I checked today and they're in Ohio. Whuh?