Thursday, January 19, 2006

Trip to B&N

The winds were so high today! We had gusts up to 60mph and it blew our satellite askew. Finally, I'm back online.

Drove into Cruces today. We got our son his first laptop and he's thrilled. Now we have to make space on the dining table for three machines. He's already made The Weather Channel his home page and customized his taskbar to show the local weather. He's like a little old man, checks the weather first thing every morning. He's now setting up his bookmarks:,,,,

My husband took me to the bookstore and where else? The bead store! Two bead stores in fact. I wanted four books, bought two and ordered two. One I bought is to learn how to make hemp jewelry. I can't help it I still like hemp jewelry. I'm so stuck in the '70s. I also bought Beading for the Soul which [silent scream] was not on my list, but for some reason since I saw it online and saw it in the store I thought it was on my list. Shall I add, I didn't have my glasses with me and husband and son were waiting impatiently in the truck for me so I was in a rush.

The two I ordered are A String and a Prayer:How to Make and Use Prayer Beads and The Way We Pray: Celebrating Spirit from around the World. I'm going to start reading right now.

The beads I got are real pretty! In the second store I kept being drawn to the same color bead, carnelian. I didn't know it was carnelian but the bead store owner said all the beads I kept touching were carnelian! I've wanted some ever since I started beading so I finally indulged myself and purchased a string. Yum! Can't wait to use them.

Husband drove today but now he's back in bed. It's hard to make him stay in bed you know. Me, I'd be in bed all day, no problem. All he's eaten is some bread and a piece of banana that he had to swallow three times. This bug he has won't let him eat, and he's starving. It's a pretty mean flu bug that makes you hungry and won't let you eat! Usually with the flu you can't eat - and you don't wanna eat.

I got supplies for Rita to make an eyeglass necklace with her (she gave me the money to shop for her!) and I dropped by and gave her her stuff, but her dear husband is not feeling well. I don't know if we'll really get to make the eyeglass holders together. Jack's heart is not working well and he won't go to the hospital. When we first arrived to Elephant Butte we saw him out and about doing landscaping and such and now, he needs oxygen. It's happened so fast. My heart is heavy and sorrowful but there's nothing I can do. Jack is so nice. Our son has grown fond of him, and vice versa I think.

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