Friday, January 13, 2006

Beaded eyeglass necklace

Deep Blue Meditation Posted by Picasa

Tomorrow at 2:00p.m. I'm teaching a class about how to make beaded eyeglass holders. Several ladies in the campground whom I've grown quite fond are coming. Last night I threw this one together and today I made the little tag to go with. Presentation is half of the craft! I wanted bigger, more brightly colored organza bags, but ivory and small is all I could find.

Eyeglass necklaces are so nifty. Do you lose your glasses a lot? No matter where you go, there are your glasses, right there around your neck if you have an eyeglass necklace!

This one is called Meditation. When I finished it it reminded me of a meditation because when I decide to meditate my brain is blasted with hundreds of noisy, irrelevant thoughts all demanding my immediate attention at the same time. I greet each offender, then politely excuse it, and continue in meditation. It's that or throw a hissy fit and give up.

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