Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bought avocado oil

I'm using my new avocado oil for deep conditioning tonight. It's supposed to add luster to hair. Fun facts about the avocado. And a good page about carrier oils. It's supposed to be one of the most penetrating oils, very moisturizing, full of vitamin E and other good stuff that nourishes skin, especially, ahem, maturing skin! Gimme some of that.

We drove into Cruces today. We learned that locals don't call Las Cruces 'Las Cruces.' They say, "I'm going in to Cruces today." I finally bought some sandalwood essential oil. It's premixed with jojoba which is okay with me. Smells nice. I have some glycerin and I'm making soap out of it, adding the sandalwood for fragrance. I bought some evening primrose oil for my son's hands. I read that it's good for eczema and his knuckles are so rough. He uses his hands a lot and gets so much soil, and paint, and cleansers on them. Hope it might help. I don't know about these natural remedies though. I bought a new pair of jeans. Gray. And ummmm, I got lilac water to spray on my hair to get the ridges out when I don't want ridges.

I have issues with jeans. The jeans I bought last time didn't shrink like I thought they would and they get stretchier and stretchier till I end up with a murph hanging off my bum. On a plumber it's okay. On me, it's ugly.

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