Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Macrame necklace with a half knot

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I always wondered how they made these twisty necklaces! It's so easy. It's a half knot the whole way around, over and over. It's even simpler than a square knot because a half knot is half of a square knot. Those beads, why those antiqued fake silver formed from the finest plastic to found anywhere in Hobby Lobby stores across America. They'll last you long past after you're dead. Now that's quality!

Each piece I make I learn a little more. First, why didn't anyone tell me to buy jewelry making hemp? It's called 'polished' so it's not itchy. Mine is a tiny bit itchy. I found a good selection of polished hemp twine at a store in Oklahoma. The other thing is, you have to have beads with really big holes. The third thing is you really need round or rounded beads to weave in because they will lay better. All the beads I bought had holes too small. Look, I put a bead on the end too. Yeah, I upgraded my technique. Heh.

This necklace is screaming for earrings though. I've never made earrings. Oh boy! Uh oh. I gotta make earrings next.

I'm going to make chokers for my nephews' birthdays. The young men really like this stuff. I want to get my nephew who fishes a lot, a Maori carved fish hook pendant. Saw one on Ebay...

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