Saturday, January 07, 2006

I fixed myself up today

I completely ignored the arrival of the new year, but 2006 must have seeped in through my pores! I was tired of my old look. Ever since we sold our house and started livin' on the road, seeing some of the Lord's best work, and meeting new people, well that old page of mine just wasn't me anymore.

Zen-like, contemplative with a touch of Mother Nature describes was the look I was going for. I incorporated my newly found life verse. Cool. And I read that black (font) on a white background improves readability , so I ended it with my gray font. Possibly, I may have gone overboard with the zoo zoos, wham whams and do-nothing gee-gaws in the sidebar, yet I felt I really needed a lunar phase calculator, a pixie weather girl, a Flicker mini-photo album, and a new, improved calendar. There goes months of entries on my old calendar, but you have to move with the times.

Just tryin' to make the reading more fun, don't 'cha know.

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