Monday, January 02, 2006

2006 Hair sig photo

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I had my husband take some new pics of me today. He took a couple nice ones. I made a BIG decision tonight. I decided I'm making this signature pic and no more for the rest of the year. In January of 2007 I'll take another picture and then compare the two. So be sure to come back and read me on January 2, 2007. Make a note of it in your daily planner. In pen. I think it's the neatest thing when people show one year progress pics. The change is so dramatic and you get the 'oooh ahhhh' factor. Me, I have the shortest waist and it's taking forever for this hair to get past it.

The pretty elements in my new photo are from a kit made by Francine Hayman. I bought my two first kits last week. I'm becoming a digi-scrapper you know. I'm not very good yet, but I might be someday. I'm new at it and it's so fun. I'm working on making, designing is a stronger verb, a bunch of jewel case covers to go with the CDs that hold all my photographs.

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