Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sandalwood essential oil

I read that sandalwood essential oil is good to put on the ends of your hair to alleviate dryness. After washing my hair today in a shower with a spray that barely kept me wet, with 55 degee weather outside and no heater, I dried it outside then applied a few drops of the eo on from about ear level on down. I like it! I even went outside and checked it in the sun. Usually I used jojoba, but this has imparted such a nice sheen to my hair.

Sandalwood eo is a keeper.

I went two weeks, fourteen days before I washed. Hey. Did I just see you make an "Ewww" face? I feel like, really accomplished. Heh.

I had our son give me a microtrim too. I have no idea how it turned out, I can't see back there, but he and my husband say it looks good. I explained real carefully that he should cut any uneven guys who are growing faster than everyone else. Do NOT give me a trim or a new hemline I told him. My husband couldn't stand it. He said he couldn't watch, so he excused himself. But he conceded that our son has the best eyes in the family.

Every four months I told our son, you gotta give me a microtrim. He said okay. He knows all the hair care terminology from hanging around me.

He said I should write it on his calendar for May. (He just finished spending two nights drawing his own calendar for 2006!) I did.

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