Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Elephant Butte Lake, NM

Today's sunset walk Posted by Picasa

We think New Mexico's State Parks are the best kept secret. It's so quiet and beautiful. We might host here next year too.

Lots of birds stop at the lake for winter and today as our son and I walked along the shore, four American White Pelicans graced us with a fly by. I spotted them in the distance at the other end of the lake and I suspected they weren't just gulls. I was wishing they would fly near us. Then they turned toward our direction and flew our way. All was quiet. They were so low we could hear wing feathers cut through the air. I know they were looking us over! Closer and closer they came, until the first one stopped flapping his wings, then the second, the third, and fourth; and silently, right over our heads, they all four glided by.

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