Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Third grade is coming

I love the beginning of the school year. I being a product of the public school system, associate new clothes, new crayons, fresh notebooks and paper, new pens and pencils to starting the school year. You have an A in every class. Everyone has an A in every subject the first week. But for my son it's pretty much business as usual because education is ongoing at our house. Actually I don't think he misses out on anything in particular. He gets to go on field trips with the homeschool group once in awhile, and of course now that we're on the road every day is a field trip! But I'm the only one who gets really excited for the new school year around here.

So I rearranged! In one place I put all my school books together so they'll be easy to reach. Up to now I've been using a 'homeschool box' but it's not very convenient. I hate having to pull it out and open it. I know it doesn't sound tough, heh!, but opening my homeschool box entails taking all the junk that has accumulated on top of it off, placing it, uh, somewhere else in here, then dragging it out of the corner, opening it up and then, yeah, now I try to find what I'm looking for in this mess of a box.

I'm all perfectly rearranged now. I put the stuff I use less often in the box and put my frequently used stuff out on a shelf. Good thing we're staying in one place for a month because naturally, when we move I'll have to rearrange or else it'll be all over the floor. My language arts material were shipped today. Those are my favorite items to receive and it's one of my favorite subjects to teach. I like to teach history too.

Which reminds me. We found a crack in the sheet metal of the trailer at the bottom corner of the door. Cracks in your exterior are never a good thing. We'll see if the RV place can put a gusset on it. That's what my husband said. A gusset. Ya know, to hold things together.

I need a gusset too. Ha! The specialist's office person phoned and said they're already overbooked and she'll call me back and she didn't. That doesn't give me warm fuzzies. I'll call again tomorrow. I did a little research on the web and learned that cysts and breast masses are more common as women get older. And I was comforted to read that smooth edges are often a sign of a benign mass.

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