Monday, September 12, 2005

Need pictures, eh.

Boy this blog needs some pictures. It's bald with no pictures! I don't have anything new so I'll just have to take some photos of something tomorrow.

I phoned my medical coverage company and the good news is I don't have to go home to California to get a mammo and the bad news is it is covered as emergency/urgent care which means I got to go sit in the Emergency/Urgent Care Waiting Room for three hours, then sit in a patient waiting room for two hours, then the physician told me I need to call a specialist tomorrow to make an immediate follow-up appointment for a mammo. I can't really complain though. I am blessed to have medical coverage, I saw many people in discomfort and pain, and the hospital workers were working so very hard. So what I had to wait five hours.

When I was done I was famished. As I returned to the main lobby in search of a phone to call my husband to pick me up, who walks in the front door? My husband and son. They got worried so they came to get me before I called so I didn't have to sit and wait for them drive back to pick me up! My husband has an uncanny knack.

The doctor remarked that my lump is mobile and he said that's good. He said it's quarter sized. I wish I had more resolution today, but it is what it is. My head hurt so much with a most splitting headache from the moment I woke and all day long. Aspirin didn't touch it. I have a better feeling now though. I think I'm just going through the motions as every woman does. The medical community takes lumps very seriously. I just need to get the mammo, then they'll tell me it's nothing, then I can be fine again.

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