Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Amazing Third Grader

Our son calls himself The Amazing Third Grader. I didn't think he cared about the new school year, but I guess he does! He took out his literature books and read two stories already. I'm all wound up! Been reading, printing, organizing. The curriculum is a little different than last year, so I can't just wake up and start teaching with my eyes closed. I have to, eeek, prepare. Today he did so well on our first day. There's a great deal more writing in third grade than second. I thought he'd really buck at that, but he didn't. Maybe when the newness wears off I'll see that side of him again.

To increase his automaticity in arithmetic I found a useful little site at where I can print out drill sheets and answer sheets. I like the answer sheets because he can check his work himself. He likes their SuperKids vocabulary word of the day too. And I spent an hour typing a printing simple index sheets here. They have good (free) templates.

Well, I must get to bed. I'll be all dreary eyed in the morning no doubt, or is that bleary eyed? It's miserable hot and muggy here in Tennessee. It's currently 69 degrees and it's 12:30 in the a.m.

I have a doctor appointment on Monday. I get to pay cash too because my insurance doesn't work in Tennessee. I've had an attack of malaise today.

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