Monday, September 05, 2005

Goldie in my husband's dream

Goldie Hawn. I liked her so much on Laugh-In and in the movie Swing Shift. I don't think Goldie's cute anymore. She lost all her cuteness when I heard on the radio about her unprincipled lifestyle and her defective advice on how to keep a man happy for twenty years. Yeah, I wonder how many tears of "happiness" she's cried over the past twenty years.

But while I was waiting to get my hair trimmed the other day I picked up an old magazine and perused an article about her. Funny I can't remember a thing about it, but there was no mention of her happy, open marriage with Kurt Russell.

And the weirdest thing happened. My husband dreamt about her. He woke up the next morning and told me he had no idea why he would dream about Goldie Hawn. He was really perplexed. My eyes got big and I told him I had read an article about her the previous day! I never mentioned it to him. He didn't see the magazine. He didn't know I'd read about her. Then I heard the tune from the Outer Limits!

My husband has this thing where he reads my thoughts. I'm mostly used to it now after twenty years of marriage, but he still freaks me out once in awhile.

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