Thursday, September 22, 2005

Shopping at The Body Shop

For the first time ever, I went to a Body Shop store. I saw, I smelled, I bought.

I dropped Leia a line to make sure the Honey Conditioner for hair was the one she liked. It's a good thing I wrote her because it wasn't the one she tried. She had used Hair and Body Honey Mud and that's the one she liked. Just so happens the Africa Spa is a discontinued line but! they had some in the back room. Yay! I'll try it soon.

Also purchased monoi oil called Spa Wisdom. It has the faint fragrance of gardenia in it. I do so much like gardenia. When we went to Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora there were gardenia flowers blooming everywhere. They grow wild in Tahiti. I brought one home and kept it on my nightstand for three years. Picked it up and sniffed it whenever I wanted. One day it was gone. The dog ate it. Well, she partially ate it then spit it up. It was on the floor.

Also purchased a bar of sesame soap. I don't know how sesame anything can smell good, but it does.

I put some monoi oil on my hair and my hair so oh so soft. I like it. But I think the fragrance may have given me a little headache. I'm so sensitive to fragrances. It's such a bummer. Will I have to smell like nothing for the rest of my life?

I told the girl in The Body Shop that she had a beautiful tummy. She rightly beamed as she patted her belly. She's seven months along with her first baby and she definitely had the whole glow thing going on. She placed a dab of a body scrub product on me saying it was her absolute favorite. She was real attentive and rubbed it on my hand then washed it off in the tap with water. Usually I don't want somebody touching me, but I felt good with her. She told me to sniff it which I did, and phew! It stunk. I told her it smelled like throw up and in the cutest southern drawl she said, "Well! You won't be buying any of this now will you!" She was a real doll.

Feels like life is back on track and back to normal after my run in with the breast cyst. Breast cysts are no good. You have a 50/50 chance of recurrence. Or rather, I have a 50/50 chance of recurrence.

My son and I had our teeth cleaned today and check me out. No cavities. That is a first! It's the first time evah, in my life, I've had no cavities after a check-up. Wonder if my eight crowns in the back have anything to do with it. ;) When my husband retired I went to our dentist and said do everything you can because I'm gonna be uninsured after this. He did a good job for me.

My husband and I just loved the dentist. Young guy, striking blue eyes. Seems like the doctors and dentists are all getting younger these days, doesn't it? He was fascinated by our lifestyle on the road and talked about a trip he made to California once. He lived in Los Gatos for awhile. Los Gatos is a fine community in northern California. Los Gatos was my White Whale - ya know, like Moby Dick was for Cap'n Ahab.

I interviewed for a job there. Competition is extreme in that region. I had diarrhea for two days preparing for this interview. Yeesh! Los Gatos is an upper crust community and at that time, 1996, the median home price was $800,000. Median. Home. Price.

So I interviewed. One interviewer was aggressive and he had a very in your face questioning style but it didn't bother me. It was all a test of course. You have to deal with that at the counter everyday. There was a blond, female interviewer too, and we connected. I think she's the reason why I got the job offer.

Four months later the blond called me at home and offered me the job. The position was City Planner. I had to tell her I was four months pregnant. Somebody else got my job.

So I'm not a city planner. Not even close. I'm a Stay-At-Home homeschooling mom traveling fulltime and livin' in a trailer. I'm a reader, a beader, born-again Believer, and a middle-eastern dancer. It's turned out interesting though not what I had in mind all!

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