Friday, September 16, 2005

Finished my Lewis and Clark book

Finally, I finished The Journals of Lewis and Clark by Bernard DeVoto. It wasn't the easiest reading. I shopped and shopped and shopped before I chose this book. There are so many books on the topic and especially in the national park bookstores it seems like anybody can write a book and get it on the bookshelves. You have to be a very discerning book buyer. Like me. Heh.

This book consists of the real, live journal entries of Lewis and Clark. The only thing better to read than this would be the genuine journals and those would be somewhat dull to regular, non-scholarly peeps, such as myself.

Imagine if Meriwether and William had kept no journals. We might be speaking Russian or flying the British flag right now. It's incredible that they made it to the Pacific and back at all. It took two years and everyone thought they were long dead. They called prairie dogs barking squirrels. Heh. And how they met so many Indians and never got killed surely is a miracle.

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