Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My lump is benign

It has been a ten day meditation for me. It must have been one I needed if my Lord sent it to me.

Life is one big trial. No matter where you are in your life, you're either entering one, in the middle of one, or coming out of one. This trial began for me on the morning of the September 9th when I found a lump and ended today, the 19th, when it was removed.

My breast lump was benign. It was a cyst. (What an attractive word.) The physician I went to, (I think I got a mighty good one), aspirated it. That means he stuck a needle in and removed the fluid. He took out six cc's. I thought that was quite a lot. The liquid was murky brown. Yuk. I thought I saw a blobule of fat too and hey, I don't want any fat removed from there. From my behind, yes, but not from the top! Am I right ladies? But I am glad it's done and over. I'm like new again and I don't have to walk around with a lump!

The doc did an ultrasound to determine that it was a cyst then he used the image on the screen to guide him as he inserted the needle. I watched the black spot on the ultrasound get smaller and smaller and smaller until, poof!, it disappeared. Technology is wonderful, incredible. He was a good doctor because he knew we're traveling and so he took care of the whole caboodle at once for me. Cost = $486.00.

I am emotionally drained. Thank you for your prayers. I felt them. It made a difference.

Tomorrow will be delicious.

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