Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hemenway House

Cliff dwellings Posted by Picasa

Check it out. Would you live here if you didn't have to? How many people fell to their death just trying to go home? No one knows for certain why the ancient Anasazi lived in the cliffs, nor does anyone know for certain why they left the region in 1300 A.D. as they left no written records. My guess is they were afraid of something, perhaps attack from another tribe.

One of the best dwellings to see is Step House. There was no sun the day I went so my pics are, meh! But it requires no ticket, it's a self-guided tour, and there's a ranger present who can answer questions. It's a fair hike getting there, pretty steep. The tours to the major cliff dwellings are $2.75 per person but we thought our eight year old wouldn't be too keen on the ladders. He's reluctant to get on a regular ladder let alone a ladder with a sheer cliff underneath.

This dwelling is named after Mary Tileston Hemenway. She was a wealthy woman back east who saved Mesa Verde for all of us...and she never even got to see it herself.

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