Sunday, September 11, 2005

15 hour drive

We kept thinking we were closer to our target destination than we were so we kept driving a little longer. Our son was so excited to get to Granny's house he could hardly contain himself. So fifteen hours straight driving on Saturday and we made it. Today was pure recovery time.

More bad news on our wittle trailer. Apparently the high winds of the previous day loosened some parts on "trailie" (that's our pet name for the trailer) but we didn't notice. Soon as we got on the freeway someone waved us to the side of the road. Husband got out and checked things over and the awning was gone. Clean gone! It's only held on by a spring and apparently when it shook back and forth in the wind Friday which was coming at us broadside a rip in one side started and then traveled all the way across till the awning fell away. We can't leave our garbage along the freeway so we drove back and looked for the parts. Got 'em.

As for me, myself, I'm gettin' along. I'm keeping busy so I have less time to think about me self. I just finished cleaning the bathroom really, really good. That toilet is the bane of my existence. Half of my grade three curriculum has not yet arrived and our official start date is the 15th and that's annoying.

Tomorrow I call a doctor.

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