Friday, September 09, 2005

One lump in Strasburg, CO

We're zooming to Tennessee. The driving day is long and there hasn't been much to see here in the great state of Kansas anyway. It's called the Wheat State but all we see is miles of corn! Our truck is gulping down the fuel as we drive against a strong wind from morning till evening. The moulding fell off from around our trailer door! Last night we slept at a KOA right next to the interstate. Geez. But tonight we're in a lovely campground. It's warm but there's a nice breeze. The trees are big and green and the sound of cicadas fill the air. I'm fond of the midwest. It's so midwestern.

This morning I felt a lump in my breast. I can't believe this is me. In a rush to get on the road, I put on my olive oil in one great sweep from neck to the top of my breasts, and there it was. It was unmistakable. It's so big. I don't know how it can be so big so all of a sudden.

There's no breast cancer in my family. My mother and younger sister both have benign lumps and I fully expect this one is too. But now I have to see a doctor and get a mammogram ASAP and that's not exactly great. My medical coverage in California is perfectly useless in the eastern United States. I am essentially uninsured.

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