Monday, October 31, 2011

S for Stairs

Husband walked outside to empty the trash and the porch broke. It's just a good thing my dad wasn't the one walking outside. The UPS guy is being funny leaving my package on the top step.

Good news! Pastor is going to change the schedule so play practice will be during Zumba. She asked me if it would be okay with me. Very sweet of her. Woohooooo! So happy. I will miss my front row kidlets. They were truly a pleasure. I shall not miss several students one iota. I required everyone to move today under threat of receiving a "minus." And I explained at length that Zumba class is the easiest class to get an A in and thus raise their GPA. Today they all participated well, but for me to have to hammer them daily to get them to move is a lot of work. I just want to teach Zumba! It's been a learning experience I suppose and I am glad to be moving on. I now understand why a college degree in teaching requires so many courses in what they call "classroom management." I used to think it pathetic that there weren't more course on teaching, but evidently teaching is only part of being a school teacher.

Oh, in the process of being the disciplinarian Zumba instructor today, I caused one student, a little girl about ten years old, to cry. Yes. I, Liliana, brought a little girl to tears. I felt lower than a snake's belly.

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