Tuesday, November 01, 2011

T for Tebowing

Tim Tebow is a football player. He's a quarterback for the Denver Broncos. He's an unapologetic Christian and tends to say a prayer on one knee now and then on the field. On tv. So now everyone calls it Tebowing. I tebow a lot but I've never done it on one knee. I've done it on two knees? Yes.

Tomorrow I'm going in to do my school volunteer hours, but not as Zumba instructor. We'll see what we see for what I end up doing. I hope I can find something to do that I'm good at and that I like to do. It would be nice.

Am doing my hair a new way tomorrow. Serpentine Medusa Wiggle Bun. (Update 15 minutes later: Oh no! This is way too much twisting. Gonna take me all night. I have to hurry to YouTube and find a different 'do.)

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