Thursday, November 03, 2011

W for Watermelon Skies

I do love the watermelon sky of New Mexico. It's when the horizon is pink and above it is blue. Very pretty. It's a watermelon pink color. I think I want to try to photograph it. I've gotten plenty of fiery orange sky, but not a single watermelon sky.

My friend, my best friend, filed for a divorce today. Her heart is broken and stomped upon in a bad and ugly way. I pray that I will be a good friend to her. I pray to be one who can help point her to the light. She's real down but she is doing the days as usual. Although she missed Zumba today.  It's extremely unusual that she missed Zumba and didn't tell me first.  She's missed about five classes ever since I started and always she texted or told me in advance, but she did not sleep all night last night. She could not fall asleep no matter how she tried.  So she fell asleep before Zumba.  Emotionally expended.

Twenty-seven years of life and love invested in a marriage and it comes to this.

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SchnauzerMom said...

I've seen watermelon skies here in Oklahoma before, very pretty.