Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I did all right.  Not stellar.  Just okay.  There were three or four questions for which I had to say no because I did not have the experience.  At all.  Can't lie about what you ain't got.  They asked if I had a certain certification for which I had to say no.  So I got a bit deflated right there.  Wondered how I got selected for interview.  Kept my chin up though.  Afterward I whipped out the job description (which I already read over and over) and it says nothing about this certification.  I will say I liked the interviewers quite a bit.  They were easy to talk to.  I liked them and think they would be good people to work for.  Maybe something in the future could come up there that I will be more qualified for.  I wore my new black skirt and cowl neck sweater, hair in a French twist, and I looked nice.  I had on nylons and pumps and pearl earrings.  Maybe I'll wear the outfit to church sometime.

So needless to say, ain't expecting a call anytime soon.  Sigh.  Onwards and upwards.  My job is out there somewhere.  Maybe I will take the circuitous route whatever that means.

All my blood test results came out normal.  I do not carry the RA Factor for rheumatoid arthritis.  Thanks be to the Lord.  He will reign forever.  They tell me they think it's an allergic reaction.  To.  Something.  I have no idea what it could be.  Doctors being doctors, they warn of the most dire reaction.  My throat could close and kill me.  Well, as the visiting pastor said when they were told his wife would likely die of a brain tumor - I will say like he did, "Not in my case."

That which is in a woman's heart is what comes out of her mouth. 

I will start keeping track of everything I eat.  I'm gonna hate it, but I have to do something.  A swelled up face is no good.

My new car has five colors of ambient light that I can use for the interior.  Sweet.  I found a fast way to adjust the base.  My husband is a talk radio man so he doesn't like extra bass.  Me, I like all the bass I can get.  Now we can easily change it back and forth.  He has big hands though and he was getting frustrated because every time he turns on the car the wipers in front and back come on.  That's embarrassing you know.  He asked if it happened to me and I said no, never.  This morning he figured out his big old hand inadvertently presses the windshield button.  Hehe!  Well, it is a little car.

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SchnauzerMom said...

I hope you find the right job for you. I also hope that you find out what you're allergic to so that you can avoid it.