Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I earned $80 bucks tonight.  Yay!  Seventeen students came to Zumba tonight.  Lately I've had between 5 to 8.  I did "The Sock Giveaway."  I've been advertising that three lucky people will win a pair of socks and they really enjoyed it.  Maybe I should do another giveaway sometime.  The socks cost me $10 so even when I subtract that I still earned $70.  If I subtract shipping it would be a little less.  And insurance, if I subtract that, a wee bit little less.  And rent.  I pay 10% in rent.  Hmmm.  And my $30 per month fee to receive my Zumba instructor DVDs each month.  I buy Zumba clothes once in awhile because they say we should look Zumba-ish when we're instructing.  I cheerfully tithe into the kingdom of Jesus every week because he gave me these arms and legs.   

Hmm.  Maybe I didn't earn as much as I thought.  Maybe I should quit and stay home.

No!  I keep going!  I must forge ahead!  Zumbaaaaa!  Woohoo!  As long as I have some of my own money to buy another little something for my hair I will be happy.


Fox said...

Hey Lil!

That's wonderful! I am so glad you had a great turnout! Giveaway's can be fun. Maybe you can wait to get your giveaway item when it's on sale and save it for the occasion you want to use it. That will save you some $$. And in time, you probably won't need to pay your monthly Zumba fee for their instructor DVD's since you'll have your own routine's going! Of course they are going to tell you that you should buy Zumba clothes too... because they make money off of Zumba clothes. :) From what I can tell, you always look great, so if you want to save some $$ then you can always wear what you have. Keep up the good work! One way to look at it is that you're getting healthy exercising and getting paid to help others do it. That's pretty great!

Liliana said...

Thanks for the tips. It is wonderful to get paid to do this. I will never get rich from it but I love it so. I've been a student so long that it finally is payback and rewarding to earn something for doing what I love.