Monday, November 28, 2011

My interview is tomorrow at 1:30pm.  How will I do?

My lip swelled up.  I looked like a duck.  Now my lip is down but I have a big welt on bottom of right foot.  I can still wear my heels though.  I tried them on and was able to walk fine.  Can't walk fine flat footed though.

Took a Zyrtec at 5pm and hope it resolves my problem well enough to look fine tomorrow; and to walk fine.

What does the future hold? Is this my job?  I want it real bad.  It's 28 hours per week.  If I don't get it there will be another, but I think this is the one I want.  I have to have all the gates open in my mind and comprehend the purpose of each question to answer it best.  Don't hesitate to think quietly for a moment before speaking.

God is great and greatly to be praised.  My husband bought me a new car today.  Black.  Cute. Sport suspension. Ten speaker Sony surround sound with 8" woofer.  Keyless entry and push button start.  Nav system with voice recognition.  Bluetooth (which I don't have, do I need it?).  Heated leather seats.  Dual climate control. Extended warranty which he's never ever bought in the past.  Built by a company that pays its debts with its own money.  Rides smooth and quiet.  I can zoom around town and drive 70 miles to Cruces on two gallons of gas! 

I could use a job to make the monthly payment that's on its way in January!

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