Friday, October 21, 2011

K for Kiddles

Okay, well I looked at Jules' blog and her word was 'Kids,' so I got stuck and Liddle Kiddles came to my mind.  I can't look at her blog because I can only think of the word she picks if I read it.

1968.  Mattel.  Kiddles were a teeny doll.  Mine was Lily of the Valley and she came in a plastic bottle, very small, and had a fragrance.  I got one for Christmas in December 1968.  I was ten years old.  I liked her very much.  I remember breathing in the delicious fragrance, but I don't actually remember the smell.

I couldn't bear to leave her home alone so I took her to school in my brown lunch bag on the first day of school in January after Christmas vacation.  Ate my lunch, threw the bag in the dumpster, and not much later it hit me.  I realized my Kiddle was still in the bag.  I had inadvertently thrown her in the garbage!  I was quiet so I didn't tell anyone.  Waves of sadness washed over me. I never got another Liddle Kiddle.  Back in the day, if you lost a toy you didn't get a replacement.  I've relived the internal trauma over and over again - realizing I'd thrown her into the dirty, filthy school dumpster.  I still suffer emotional damage from the memory of it.

She's alive!  She's on eBay!

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Jules said...

I've never heard of Kiddles but then in 1968 I was only three. Certainly sound cute though. I'm like you: if I'd thrown mine in the rubbish bin I wouldn't have told anyone - but I would have been devastated. Hopefully you eventually got over the loss.

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