Friday, October 28, 2011


Whoops. I did N, then O, then N. I forgot I did N. And I guess I forgot P comes after O.

P is for peanut butter, which, I had peanut butter toast and chocolate milk for lunch.

I thought Pastor didn't read my whole email yesterday saying that I'm gonna quit teaching Zumba after this semester. Saw her today and she did read it. She was still real nice. That's one thing I notice about this church. If you start something and it's not for you, they let you go without hammering you about it. That's nice. She didn't even ask for a specific reason. She said she'll make other arrangements for next semester. I don't feel too bad. I made an effort. I have 24 hours in a day and I want to expend them best I can. Being miserable with other people's poorly behaved teen-age girls is not my cup of tea. And now I don't have to fret about going out in the cold this winter to do Zumba. Yeesh. It's either hot, windy, or cold outside and the pad is cement. I do feel physically fine in spite of it. At first the cement hurt my hips, but it doesn't hurt now. I can't imagine it would be good for my body over the long term though.

I'm making cupcakes and brownies for the church Fall Festival for the kids tomorrow. Don't call it Halloween though. Meh. I'm glad they're doing something for the kids of the community. There is a lady, Laura, and she's really gettin' it done. She's something else. I told her I'll volunteer from 3pm to 6pm tomorrow. I wasn't going to but she's working so hard. I'd like to say the Holy Spirit moved me to volunteer, but it's just plain old guilt.

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