Monday, October 24, 2011

M for Moxie

I went to see a lawyer once when I was 25.  She said I had moxie.  I thought it was something good because of the way she said it, but I wasn't sure.

My Flexis.  I got them today!  I bought size mini, small, and medium.  I have to order a large.  I thought large would be too big but the medium is too small to hold my hair in a French twist.  Guess I underestimated my hair size.  I am happy with the two smaller ones.   I do like the butterfly on the medium but it doesn't matter what light it's in, my beads are not purple as the ones depicted on the website.  Mine look dark and colorless.  I'm thinking about exchanging it.  Question is, do I want to wrap it, take it to the post office, and spend five bucks for an exchange?  I emailed them and asked if they will make me a size large with a heart, but with bright blue beads substituted for the crystal (white or clear) beads.  I think they'll say yes.

First photo is from the Flexi site and second is of my Flexis.  The mini green one is gorgeous.  I'll use it when I put a very little bit of hair into a half-up, which of course isn't really a half up, but that's the idea.  The size small dragonfly is real pretty to me and it contrasts with my hair nicely enough.  I can use it for a half up with more hair or with a full pony in the back.  My hair barely fits as a pony with the small, but I am able to use either the small or medium for a pony.  I've been wanting to wear a low pony tail to church for the longest time but had nothing to hold my hair.  Now I do. 

I finally used my Mastex hot oil cap on Sunday.  I bought that thing about three years ago.  No kidding.  Finally tried it out.  I used olive oil.  It worked!  I want to do it every week now like Lori and Cinnamonhair.  I think they deep condition weekly.  I used Prell to wash it out and though it all came out of the ends, near my scalp there was some residual oil.  It's wasn't too bad, but would have been better if more came out. I did a super de dooper good job applying the oil section by section.  I got oil all over the bathroom counter though.  I cleaned it up with Fantastic.

I sat with the heating cap on for 20 minutes then left the oil on for about three more hours due to laziness.

But the biggest change I'm making is no more hair elastics at the bottom of my hair.  Had an epiphany.  My hair is growing but I have to keep chopping the ends because every six months they look haggard.  A year and a half ago I hit 47".  Got a trim again a couple weeks ago and I'm at 47".  Well, I've been wearing my hair in a single braid a lot to Zumba for over a year.  Those little girl elastics are ruining my ends.  I have to get off of them!   

I saw a good example at the forum that shows how to wet a piece of ribbon, wrap it around the bottom of the braid, then put an elastic over that.  That's what I'm doing from now on.  We'll see if in one year my ends are good enough to keep.

I'm having a hair revival lately I guess.  Next, I hope to get a new comb.  I want a wooden one.  It's supposed to not get static like my broken Madora one does.

This is the ribbon in my hair right now and the pink elastic over it (you can see barely if you look for it).

I was in the bedroom taking about 70 pics of my ribbon and my hair.  All engrossed in myself.  My husband came in to check on me (I guess I was quiet too long like you have to check on kids when they're too quiet for too long) and he saw what I was doing and he came over and kissed me.  I was kind of embarrassed.  Lucky he loves me and doesn't make fun of my self-engrossed-ness.  Here I am holding my braid in a myriad of positions all around the bathroom and bedroom to take a photo of a bow.  Sheesh. for myriad.  That's serendipity.


Lori said...

I can't wait to see them in your hair. I thought you would need at least a size large for updos. I have one small that I can use to pull a little hair back like a barrette but I've never used it because I never wear my hair down. I got 2 XL size that for some reason the 8 part is smaller. They have the same pin size but they are tighter than my other XL's. They are copper and blend into my hair too much also so I'll probably sell them. I hope the large works for you. Also, you could use the smaller sizes for folded braids as something different since you mentioned you wear it that way for class.

Jules said...

I've found the best thing to get oil out is condish. I'll slather some on top of the oil and let it sit for a while, and then rinse it all out with 'poo.

I really should get back into deep treatments more regularly. I wonder if getting rid of my elastics would work for my ends too? Oh to be at 40+ inches but my cut has set me back years. :(